So I decided to turn part of my university library into a photoshoot, it was great fun, and I really hope we didn’t disturb anybody in the quiet section…

I spend a good proportion of my time here, and I’ve learnt it’s so important to still try and look your best, even if you’ve got five chapters of your reading left and an essay due at 12pm! The library can be an intense space but when you look good, it’s easier to feel good & then your ready to do good.

I’m really in love with bell sleeves, like my wardrobe is definitely filling up with them. This is probably one of my favorite style of shirts at the moment, I managed to get this one  (on sale) in the sale for £8. I absolutely love how dramatic the sleeves are, it’s super warm, making it a great piece for the winter days.

If you’ve got deadlines approaching, and don’t really have time to think about your looks just go for all black/dark shades. It’s acceptable, and you can still look extremely stylish whilst on your grind.

Until next time beautiful people.

V x