Hey my beautiful people,

After months of blogging, I thought it would nice to give you a few tips for all my new bloggers out there.

1. Comfort Zone… What’s that? 

Get ready for the eyes to be on you, yes – but I mean all on you girl! Get ready to have the line ‘Oh I’m sorry for getting in the way’ on replay for those passing by – adults, kids, cars, dogs. You name it, just get ready! Get ready for the annoyed faces to appear whilst you’re taking those photos as they understand they need to cross over because you’re blocking the way. Oh yes, and how I can forget…. You better get ready for people to stop in front of you and compliment your outfit while giving you ideas on another pose to try out.

Fashion Blogging is definitely a great way to build up your confidence as you will be put in many uncomfortable situations. All of these things become normal after a while but I just remember 1. I’ll probably never see these people again & 2. I’m going to have some really cute pictures at the end of this all!

2. It may be the 80th Photo…

I’ve come to understand that it won’t necessarily be the first photo you take that you’ll love. Look – let’s be real… there are factors that you need to put into consideration that will slow down the process. It may be the lighting or it may be your location… Just keep experimenting as you may need to come back the next day but that’s okay! Honestly, these things do take time… So be patient, relax & just enjoy the process because when the killer photos start coming out… they won’t stop girl & then you’ll find yourself struggling with which photo to let go!!!

3. Stay Connected

Bloglovin, Pinterest, Twitter & Insta are just a few of the sites that should be a way to build your followers for your blog. A simple way to explain this is that:  The more sites connected, the more people checking out your blog, so in other words…

The more connected you are, the better likelihood of increased views on your site meaning more people looking at your content.

Insta will forever remain one of my favourites my newsfeed is literally just filled up with fashion pages & bloggers which inspire me to try different styles.

It’s also so important to stay connected with other bloggers too. This is honestly another great way to build your followers & learn from others. I suggest leaving comments on other bloggers pages about what they’ve shared with your site so they can check it out too.

4. Reuse & Rethink

I would always find myself buying new items just for a blog post. Ask me if I would wear it again… hmm not really & see that is where the problem lies. As a student living on a budget, this isn’t really a smart way to use your money, especially if you don’t plan on wearing it again. It’s better to buy items which you can mix & match around with other outfits to create more looks.

5. Be True to yourself 

Your blog should be a platform to express your passions and interests. It’s your space to let others know who you are. So stay TRUE to you. It’s great to get inspiration from other blogs, but remember…that you need to discover what you like and set your own trend to share to all those following you.  Also, please do remember that blogging is a process and it may not be growing the way you imagined or even want to at the start, but honestly just keep on going and keep yourself focused on your goal. Always remember why you started in the first place.

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