I’ve had many requests over the years to include some men styles on the blog or even create ‘The Brother’s Wardrobe’ – lol!

It’s definitely something that I’ve always wanted to do, but finding the time – that’s where the struggle lies. However, I think that through my addition of ‘Class of 2019’ I can now do this. I want this blog to be  a place where I can introduce you to my stylish sisters, but also to some men whose style I really admire here at Warwick. I love how they all express their authentic selves through their outfits.

So to start it off it’s the incredible Kaufman…

There’s probably only  a few people I know who have the ability to make me laugh to my belly… You know when someone makes you laugh to the point when it really hurts, and tears start flowing? Kaufman is definitely that person! We met earlier this year and just clicked straight away. Not only is he super funny, hardworking and smart but, he also has the power to make you feel great about yourself. Especially, when you may not be feeling your best, but he continues to reminds you of all the reasons why should be proud and celebrate yourself! He’s a real gem, an absolute legend, and a great friend of mine.

I absolutely love Kaufman’s style, not only  is it super trendy, but also unique. He has the ability to just make anything work, when I see him I’m always like ‘Yes Yes Yes’! Like seriously for somebody to make prints work, it can be a hit or miss situation, but he definitely hits it bang on. The contrast between the floral bottoms and the bold shades on a black based top work perfectly! It’s definitely suitable for the campus lifestyle, and just an easy go-to option.

BE CONFIDENT; Zara feels the same way on you as D&G

Kaufman Yang, Accounting & Finance Student.

Kaufman’s outfit: T-shirt: Selected| Shoes & Trousers:: Zara

My Outfit: Jeans: H&M| Shoes: Vans| Jumper: Tobi Collection (I collaborate with them recently, so make sure you check their site out)


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