Tobi X TSW

I hope you’re all doing well.  I’ve been away for a while and wish I could blog more but it’s exam season.

I literally don’t have much time to do anything else apart from revise (sad times… ikr!) Anyways, I did want to share something with you all though…

I recently had the privilege of collaborating with Tobi, a boutique based in LA! It was great fun, they sent a few of their pieces to me  to share with you all. Over the upcoming posts, I’ll be showing you what I got & how I styled them all!

The first is this top (well, it’s actually a dress lool, but I absolutely love it!) The quality is amazing guys, and the colour is so bold and rich! I’m a big fan of a good square neck, they’re just so sophisticated and stylish. This is  definitely the perfect piece to have in your summer wardrobe, especially if you’re like me and prefer not to show any cleavage.

I also picked out this belt bag, bumbags/waist belt or whatever you may call them but they are definitely a piece dominating the fashion world right now. I’m seeing them all over my Instagram feeds. I completely understand why though.  The convenience for starters, you have all your essentials in one space allowing you to be completely hands free. Also, I love love love the fact that I haven’t really seen anything like this one so far… It’s actually quite unique it almost like a mini clutch on your hip, and the style makes it a perfect piece to rock with different looks, one day demin the next maxi dress somewhere aboard!  I’m actually going away holiday next month and this is honestly the perfect passport holder. As I’m always that girl who looking for something when it’s time to go through security, or has to go through twice because I forget to take out something metal out of my pocket. But, ha – this won’t be happening anymore, we thank God! This will definitely make everything easy to find, so get yourself a waist belt and not only be super organized but cute too.

I honestly can’t wait to share the rest of the items with you all. In the meantime, please make sure you head on over to Tobi’s website and check their things out!  They’ve honestly got something for everybody.

Also if you’ve got exams coming up, best of luck! I hope all your hard work pays off, keep going – you CAN do this!

Anyways until next time, love you all!


Outfit: Tobi | Top (click here) & Waistbelt (click here)


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