Some of you may have noticed my little secret by now, but if not I’m here to share. After organising one of my events, I always try to fly out and explore somewhere new. I’m still young, so why not? It’s my way of just taking the time out to reflect, recover and remember to be thankful for all beauty within this world.

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This time I decided to set off on a new adventure and visit the home of the Chain Bridge, thermal baths and traditional Hungarian food. The city of Budapest.  I went with one of my first Warwick friends, Shereena, for four days and absolutely loved it!

We did pretty much everything from visiting all the historical landmarks to one of my favourite activities… segwaying at night (Prague was definitely better though!) The thermal baths were definitely my highlight, the quick transition from struggling to keep warm in the nine-degree air, to roasting in the outside pool was pretty cool!

But nothing beats the fact that everything was just so cheap out there! I believe I spent £80 or maybe even less on food (huge lunches and dinners), travel, all activities and much more. So if you’re on a budget, Budapest is the place to hit! And speaking about food make sure you try Goulash, I was a bit apprehensive to begin with but, I’m really trying to make the effort to try new things and make the most of my trips and I loved it!  I was reunited with the snack Trdelnik (I still prefer the one in Prague) lol!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to create a post very soon on how I’ve managed to master the skill of bargaining. This is the actual reason why I travel quite often. Trust me I’m not rich, but once you know a few trips you’re good to go.

Anyways below are a few pictures from my stay

Until next time.

V x

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