The Queen herself.

Shari is honestly one of my biggest inspirations in my University without a doubt.

It’s her strength and grace which are among the many things I love about her. She has faced some extreme hardships, but still manages to come out stronger on the other side. Recently, I’ve been going through some challenges myself, and one of the things that has kept me going is Shari’s outlook on life.

The beautiful thing for me is that I can see clearly how God is working in her life, I can’t wait to see all the accomplishments that are on her path. I look forward to the day when she’d be the cover girl of all the major magazines (remember you heard it from me first!) She’s one of those individuals, who nobody but NOBODY ever has anything bad thing to say about. Her wisdom is profound, and she always manages to see the good in all. There have been so many things that I’ve learnt from her, and she doesn’t even know it. That’s what real inspiring people do, they don’t even need to say much as it is their actions that stir up change in others.

ShariPlease where do I start with sense of style… Let me give you some background content to set the tone. Last year Shari was voted as Warwick’s Most Fashionable Student by The Tab Newspaper. She’s a member of the corporate executive team on The Line Society (the university’s fashion society), and she even has her own fashion and lifestyle blog – click here to check it out! Shari’s outfits are always consistently super stylist, always serving those real model vibes! She’s the ultimate definition of an individual who takes pride in her appearance regardless of where she’s going; whether it’s to the university, the gym or a black-tie event.

shari 8

shari 6shari 10

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Shari’s Advice: “I like my vibe to be cool but sophisticated, simple but trend-driven. You can’t go wrong with well-fitted jeans, killer shoes and a matching jacket. No matter your style or aesthetic, the main thing is to dress in a way that gives *you* confidence.”

Shari’s Outfit: Jacket – Topshop, Bodysuit – Pretty Little Thing, Jeans – Topshop, Boots – Public Desire

My Outfit: Jacket – Primark, Boots – eBay, Bottoms – My sister’s actual wardrobe

Shari Lawrence-  Willis, Management Student, 20

Shari 2


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