I recently spent a few days in Marrakech. This was definitely my favourite holiday so far – the vibes, food and the city itself was just amazing! I literally went straight after my She Who Achieves Event (as in the event was on Friday and we were in Marrakech on Monday). You can read more about it here.

We had 120+ young ladies turn up on the night, and the feedback we received was just the best thing ever. The event was incredible, super stressful but a long week away in North Africa was just exactly what I needed!

We truly lived our best lives whilst we were out there, from camel rides to quadbike racing in the desert in 38 degree heat. From the traditional Moroccan Spa treatments to our daily visits to the Moroccan souks in the Medina. I have made so many memories there that when I look back I cannot help but cry with laughter.

Here’s are a few of the best moments I’ve been able to capture in photos.

Enjoy, Vxx




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