I’ve wanted to do a post on work-wear for such a long time now but honestly, I struggled with finding the time.

I remember how difficult at times it would be to find pieces in this area that were not only super stylish, but at the same time city appropriate. Pieces that could let my personality shine through whilst within my budget as I can’t afford to splashing out lots of cash.

The thing is… I know I’m not the only one who feels this way or who struggles with  work-wear. However, over time I’ve been able to understand that it’s possible to make this work for me. Now, I want to show you that you too can make work wear-work for you too. There’s a look for us all, it may require some time and effort to find, but once you’ve got it you’re honestly on your way to becoming THAT INTERN.

I thought it would be nice to gather up the interns, and hit the Sky Garden to show you all a few of my favourite looks I’ve wore since being in the City. I’ve put together some of the basics that I believe that we ladies needs in our wardrobes to make us THAT INTERN whose work is not only 10/10 but so are our outfits.



The midi dress is another essential piece for the working woman wardrobe, not only is it super professional but it’s so chic too! If you’ve got an extremely busy day, with no time in the morning to think about what to wear this should be the go to option. It’s quick and simple to sip on which means more time to focus on meeting those deadlines.

Dress: Primark (This was only £5 too!) Shoes: Kim Kardashian Collection



Now for the most important piece that will probably takes up the most space in your wardrobe – that shirt. The trick to getting the work shirt just right for you is to stick to the classic styles and shades as these won’t do you any harm. Go for the classic white, black and blue to get your wardrobe going as they are good base colours to work around then you can build it up with the print designs.

Shirt: ASOS Pinafore: Risky


When it comes to picking the perfect suit this may take time but it’s a great place to start…

Colour Ideas:

If I’m being honest with you – this is more about preference, a black suit is probably a staple piece for any intern’s wardrobe. It’s simple and slimming too. Navy is just as slimming and looks better with more classic shoes such as loafers. If you want to be a little more adventurous and the reason why eyes turn in your direction, then a check patterned one is the way to go. I absolutely love the design and fit of the one I’m wearing, and the length of the trousers are just perfect too. My only advice with patterned suits would be – don’t go overboard please. Let’s keep it classic people!

My 3 Top Tips to looking like an intern with a suit from Savile Row:

  1. If you’re going for more formal business attire, opt for a double-button, but if you want to be a little trendy look, opt for a single-button peak-lapel jacket.
  2. The suit jacket should be just long enough to cover your trousers zipper and butt.
  3. For a more fashion-forward look, the trousers hem should hit right at the top of your shoe.

Suit: H&M   Loafers: Primark



Work footwear is definitely a challenging part to any intern’s outfit. Trying to find a stylish pair of work shoes that are commuter-friendly, and won’t leave you in pain at the end of the day is not an easy task. I always wear flats to work then change later into my court heels. I would say loafers or the bows are just as fine just make sure you’re comfortable before anything else.

Whole Outfit: Primark (The shoes were only £5!!!)



I hope I’ve helped you understand that you can have fun in City. It’s definitely possible to make it work, but just like anything it does require time and effort people. Also, if you’re around in the City definitely take some time out to visit the Sky Garden, as the view up there is just phenomenal!

Until next time beautiful people



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