I what your thinking …Where have you been? I’m so sorry, I needed a break to focus fully on my summer exams. I’ve had a pretty busy year, being involved in many exciting opportunities but I knew I had to prioritise and focus on my work. HOWEVER, I’m back! (and better.)

So, if you follow my antics on Instagram, then you’ll know I was recently in Portugal with one of my girls. It was a  spontaneous trip as I literally booked the trip two weeks before departing. We spent three days in Albufeira, whcih is  known for its breathtaking cliffs and  traditional Portuguese culture. I don’t understand why Portugal was never really at the top of  my bucket list. I’m super glad I booked it!

My main aim for this trip was to  UNWIND… Nothing more and nothing less. I wanted to focus purely on eating, exploring the local town & laying on the beach. It was definitely needed after an extremely busy exam season. 

DAY 1 

The sun was  out my tan line started to appear within the first five hours of arriving. The day began with us exploring the local town, where we ended up having lunch in a beautiful location by the beach. In the evening, we discovered a new part of the town, it was super lively. Lights everywhere, people laughing away, overcrowded restaurants while a cute little puppet show took place in the middle of the square. After, we stopped for ice-cream and made our way back to our hotel.

Lunch Time Views 


You know you have those days where you don’t plan anything, but so much still seems to happen. This was definitely one of those days.

I wanted to visit the famous Benagil Caves but we were still tried from the day before. We just thought we would go on a bike tour for a few hours, however we couldn’t find any available one. Instead we decided to make our way out to visit a nearby town that a few people recommended as somewhere to see whilst in the area. The hotel receptionist told us the walk to the bus station would be around 20 mins. Please tell me why it told us 2 hrs???!!! (Well, I guess I had a part to play in slowing us down by taking photos every two seconds.) Imagine out situation got worse as my friend lost her phone. I’ve never seen somebody run so fast in a maxi dress before,  but we thank God that she found it!

When we had finally reached the bus terminal – we found out that buses were no longer running but  by this point we were so knackered that I don’t think we really processed our situation. So we  just sat down, used our phones & got ready to make our way back.

We spent the rest of the evening laughing at our misfortune…

Making our way back from the  bus station


Another pretty chilled day on the beach, taking polaroids, eating & getting ready to go back to London. 

I will definitely be back to visit Portugal in the near future. However, I didn’t expect there to be so many tourists – I never really felt like I was in the real  Portugal. But we live and we learn eh?

Until next time beautiful people




    • thesisterwardrobe
      June 24, 2017 / 12:44 am

      Thank you Mich, it was a great trip & I’ve definitely learnt lots haha!

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