London Fashion Week Festival


It’s been a while guys, but I’ve just been super busy busy busy, but I thought it would be cute to update you all with my day at the London Fashion Weekend Festival.

My friend Shray actually got me front row tickets for the Osman Spring Summer 2017 show. I absolutely loved the collection with it’s many wild patterns, prints and shades. It’s definitely given me some inspiration for the Summer days ahead.

It was great to connect and meet others from different industries. I guess this is something I’ve been thinking about recently. I’m interested in pursuing a career in the City, but as you can tell I’m somebody who also love clothes but loves it! And, recently I’ve been battling with the thought of how can I do both… I started to worry about if I wanted to pursue a career in the City,  my interests in exploring the fashion industry would need to take a back seat. Obviously that’s true to a certain extent. However, I recently came across this tweet, and it helped put everything in perspective…

I think sometimes we allow ourselves to think it’s not possible to do everything we love… The truth is we can, but just not at the same time. I’m learning to just enjoy everything I’m interested in now. I don’t know which doors will be the ones that will open, so for now I’m just going to take hold of all the opportunities I get. Plus as the saying goes:

Your average millionaire has at least seven sources of income.  

For now I’ll just live & learn!

I hope you enjoy all the photos and until next time xxx




Suit: H&M

Shoes: Public Desire


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