Hey guys! I know, I know it’s truly been quite some time.

These pictures capture a glimpse of my five day trip to Corfu. I love experiencing new adventures with my friends, as not only is it refreshing but its also a great way of making new memories. I know that travelling can be expensive, but there are some amazing websites that offer many affordable deals. I would definitely recommend when booking holidays.

Since I had such a great time there, I thought it would be only fitting to give you a list of my top 4 things to do in Corfu!

So when in Corfu…
1. Book a day cruise
We spent a day off shore visiting the small fishing village of Kassiop & a deserted island that I can’t quite remember the name off but what I do remember is that it had a beautiful hidden lake with birds all around.

2. Visit the Old Fortress
The 16th Century Town is packed with elegant Italianate architecture and many narrow streets containing small shops all next to each other. I would definitely say try to go at night as everywhere there are lights up and it just looks absolutely gorgeous.

3. Get the Mixed Grill Platter
Recently I’ve noticed that when I do travel, I’m a fan of sticking to what I know. However, I decided on this trip, no more. Like honestly how can I be going to a new land and be having chips with a burger almost every day?! That’s not cool! I really did try in Greece though, I think I did okay. I’ll get better guys, at the end of the day consent progression is the key. Anyways, I’m a big meat lover and the Greeks really do know how to do it gooood! Like no wonder why there known as the masters of charcoal grilled and spit-roasted meats.

4.  Relax, Reflect & Unwind
At the end of the day, I believe it’s extremely important that we take the time to remember that vacations must be also used to recharge our batteries, appreciate new cultures, improve our own physical health and learn more about who we truly are. While, taking in all the gorgeous scenic views on my trips I also remember how fortunate I am to be actually seeing all off this.

I’ll leave on this note. If you ever have the opportunity go out, explore and see what the World has to offer.

Enjoy the photos & until next time x

All photos taken on the iPhone 6s.


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