It’s been a long time people and I really do apologise for the delay. This Summer has definitely been a hectic one filled but it’s been filled with so many incredible new opportunities, memories and experiences.

I’ve had the chance to grow and reflect on my year so far and actually develop a new initiative this Summer for young females who have come from similar backgrounds as myself. I’ll be sharing this experience in my next blog post. So, again forgive me for not uploading as frequently as I should as all of my attention has been on developing and executing my programme. It’s really taken up all my time but, I’m not complaining as it’s definitely been the best and most rewarding thing I’ve done thus far.

Anyways, back to this look or we’ll be here all day. I recently purchased this black mermaid dress, it was the frill detail on the bottom that caught my eye. It gives an extra volume to a really simple dress. But, I like to be a little edgy and the leather jacket just takes it to a whole other level. I actually made this choker from the fabric around one of the hats as it was falling off and thought “Oh, this choker this could work.” If you can DIY it, do it please! (The You-Tuber Shirley B did an amazing video on homemade chokers- ( check here )

That’s it from me now, I’m going on holiday tomorrow and getting ready to go back to Uni at the moment I haven’t done any packing for either so I guess this is my quote to end.

But until next time, where I’ll be telling you more about the programme I started.

Shop This Look: 

Jacket: Miss Selfridges | Dress: ASOS | Choker: Homemade | Shoes: Primark




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