Every day we are constantly bombarded with over 5,000 messages, which all try to influence our behaviour and thought processes. Meaning that it can become so easy to be attached to all the voices around you, whether it’s from the media or even your own friendship group. You may find yourself beginning to forget your own beliefs on issues that matter to you.

The Clay Jars Project, founded by my friend Adesola, is an episodic series that focuses on engaging black students in conversation. It asks them questions about topics that would normally be ignored in society. After months of interviews and late nights spent editing, my friend was finally ready to showcase her project!

Not only was it truly inspiring to see a piece that addresses unique topics, but witnessing an idea turn into an incredible project has been one of the best things I’ve had the privilege of being involved in this year! For myself this white tee acts as a reminder that we all do have a voice! In the words of Albert Einstein it’s truly important ‘be a voice not an echo’ people!

In regards to this look, a slogan t-shirt and dungaree trousers is a perfect combo for the long summer days. These trousers are a definition of a good bargain costing only, wait for it… four quid. But, I guess it’s purely because one of the straps was missing but, hey I’m not complaining! A classic pair of Birkenstocks or any cute sandals does the job in completing this look. I’m a big fan of the Monterey Birkenstocks (their double straps) as not only do they look great on both genders but are made from natural, renewable and non-toxic materials. They’re not cheap sandals but then again they do promise years of comfort and the contoured footbed creates a healthy walking environment for your feet which makes this outfit a winner.

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Top: ^^ |Dungarees: ASOS| Shoes: Birkenstocks

Until next time beautiful people…

Don’t forget to Be The Voice Y’all!

Photography: By the little sister xox

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